Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Story telling at its best : The Japanese Wife review

The Japanese Wife is the story telling at its best. A simple story told in an extraordinary way, mixing a lot of human values, emotions and romance. Senomoy (Snehamoy Chatterjee) is a school teacher and lives with his mashi at Sunderban, Westbengal wrote to Miyage in Japan after reading one of her article. She wrote back. They started exchanging letters and became penfriend. Soon they fell in love and get married through letters and gifts. M sent a ring with her name on it and S sent bangles made of shell (Sankha) and vermilion powder (sindoor) as sign of marriage. One day mashi asked Snehamoy to get married to Sandhya. Then he revealed that he is already married. After few years again Sandhya came to their house but as a widow with her son for shelter. Slowly Snehamoy and Sandhya became close but within some limits. Senomoy kept telling Miyage about each and every event in his life. One Miyage wrote that she is ill and need to go and stay at her brother's place at Yokohama and later she detected for Cancer. Senomoy took six months leave from his school and tried to get each and every possible medical helps for Miyage. One day he went to Calcutta to visit a famous Oncologist who told that Miyage has very less chance to survive. It was a stormy day, senomoy then called Miyage but the call get disconnected in mid-way. With a broken heart Senomoy came back home and became bedridden with high fever. Sandha and his mashi tried best to cure him, but one night he passed away. Miyage after getting the news came to visit her Senomoy's place in white saari only to find some sweet memories of their 17 years of distant relationship which was all stored in Senomoy's room.

The rural Bengal shown by Aparna in a nice way and was enough to recall our sweet old days. Rahul Bose did his part with perfection as Snehamoy. Same for Raima as Sandhya. Moushumi (Snehamoy's Mashi) was not so spontaneous in her role. While watching the movie, you may raise question about the nature of the distant relationship and why Snehamoy is not accepting Sandhya. In the last ten minutes of this movie you will get answers to all your questions. You will understand the depth of the distant relation, the sacrifice done by both of them and above all, the meaning of all the letters and the gifts they exchanged in last 17 years. Somewhere you will find the influence of Satyajit Ray in the small details of the movie. Over all a must watch movie for all ages.


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