Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Name is Khan review : movie with a message ...

MNIK release in Mumbai itself gives some idea about the movie. Entertaining first half, you are not sure which way the movie will go. Then in the middle lots of melodrama which create a mess and uncertain situation. Finally wind up well at the end.

Well I should say that after Swades, this is another Shah rukh movie I liked. Also for the first time I saw him act better than Kajol. Karan Johar done a real good job. The message was good and packaged in a nice way. Performance was superb from all actors. Kajol only in few occasion was a bit dull or seems to be trying too hard. Overall the magical chemistry was there, SRK and Kajol complimeted each other very well. Music was marvelous from the magical trio. Screenplay classic, the pace was very smooth and didn't felt bore. Dialogues also placed nicely. I just loved the way Shah rukh first time said "my name is Khan and I am not a terrorist". I felt that the situation was nicely created for this one liner. Only disappointment was the flood scene. It could have done in much better way. Overall it is a nice experience. 3.5/5