Friday, December 25, 2009

3 idiots review : All izz well, except the end !!

3 idiots or Munnabhai 3 ... I got confused after this 3 hours experience. Same old concept, some very repetitive. If you ask about the story, it is all about the college life of 3 idiots, not at all searching of one missing idiot. The college life was shown very well, almost at perfection. Enjoyed every moment of it. Execution was fantastic.

One should watch this movie for individual performance. Aamir, Sharman, Madhavan all acted very well and Kareena was superb. After "Jab we met" this is another movie which can be watched only for Kareena. Boman Irani now became type cast ... old angry disturbed father, running after daughter's lover. Every other small characters also gave brilliant performance, including millimeter.

Some aspects because of which it could not become a great movie. The pen and pencil issue lifted from a very old joke. The baby shows sign of life listening to "all izz well". Average acting from Boman Irani. Also it was quite predictable that the scientist will be Aamir only. Finding Aamir looked very easy, don't go with the frequency and energy of the movie.

Overall nice to watch. But could not live upto the expectation generated from the hype created by Aamir and media !! 3/5