Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Baadma$h Company review: It is a Bad Mess

I got few good ratings from different sources before planning to watch this movie on the eve of a very special day. But what a waste :( :( ... The movie is a real mess. They tried to show the reality but ignored the "real facts of life". In the first half you will keep thinking that where I have wasted the money. Or you may think that this is way producers make money in shortcut making fool of the audiences. The second half saved the movie a little bit. The story is quite simple, Shahid wants to earn quick money and a smuggler helped him in this process. 2 of his friends join him and a girl who later becomes his girlfriend. After some time money came between Shahid and his friendship and other relations. Finally Shahid realize it and reunite his team. His is a story which Indian audience will like. Good foreign locations, sexy Anushka will bare minimum cloths, drama, and melodrama and finally out of the blue, a happy ending. The director looked promising in some shots but failed to gather those to make a whole movie. Story outline was good definitely, but weak screenplay (definitely done without any research) and hopeless execution made a total mess. Shahid has grown a new symptom of over acting. Anushka and Chang can't act. With Anupam kher in a small role, Pavan Malhotra and Vir Das helped the overall acting quality to come to a level at least. The makeup person should get some credit for creating different looks for Shahid and Co. Lots of loose ends you will find in this movie. E.g. easily convincing big brands and get a deal. Why Anushka start liking Shahid? Why Anupam Kher doesn’t like Pavan Malhotra? Why Shahid start fighting with his friends one by one? When Shahid was in jail, why he was not charged with his earlier con activities? Why Shahid's friends came back to form the team so easily. And 7 different colour shirt concepts is total bullshit ... who will buy this? Then the fat dancing Michel Jackson was looking like Vir Das :) ! Finally in the last scene, Anupam Kher and wife was looking too odd in western dresses as compared to the character he was playing. Overall, you can definitely give it a miss and prepare for Kites on 21st of this month. My verdict is 0.5 for Vir Das + 0.5 for Pavan Malhotra + 0.5 for rest of the departments.