Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why Dhobi Ghaat ???

My first movie in 2011 and the total experience is not bad at all. Dhobi Ghat is nicely made. Good direction, brilliant acting, superb cinematography and overall looks like an output of a great teamwork. Only thing I couldn't understand is why the name is "Dhobi Ghat" as the story has different connections to mumbai along with the dhobi ghat only as a part of it. Story is bit like a chain reaction. A likes B, B likes C and C likes D types ...

Arun, an upmarket artist meets Shai, an NRI investment banker at his exhibition. Meanwhile, Shai befriends Munna, the neighbourhood dhobi who happens to be a wannabe actor too, while Arun gets lost in the video-taped story of Yasmin, the enigmatic ex-inmate of the house he currently occupies.

Aamir did a good job as Arun. Monica Dogra (Shai) also was quite impressive. Prateik (Munna) showed some brilliance of Smita Patil legacy. But according to me, best of the lot was Kriti Malhotra (Yasmin). The Yasmin-Arun part of the movie brought back some memories of LSD. The character Munna looked bit artificial in few scenes; mainly his style and his garments were not matching his role as a Dhobi/Rat Killer. Few moments, the screenplay seems to be not moving.

Overall, a different genre altogether. A must watch for Movie Lovers ..