Saturday, August 1, 2009

Love Aaj Kal review : Again disappointed with Saif ...

Well before planning for the first day show, I was thinking that another "Only Saif" movie? Then I thought that at least for Deepika and obviously Neetu Kapoor Singh, let me give it a try. Also everyone is saying 4 star, 3.5 star etc etc etc ... But sorry to say that I am disappointed after watching the movie. After the 2 hrs 30 min, the feel good factor or some level of satisfaction was not there. The first half, I didn't have any clue that in which way the movie is going? The storytelling was pathetic. Like our pathetic TV serials, it just tried to store suspense for the next scene, next to next scene. Well some part I really liked. Mainly the 1965 set at Delhi and Calcutta. The silent love in the "Kal" part. The "Aaj" story for me, looked too simple, straight and obvious. Director tried to keep people guessing, now what , now?? Finally failed to show something new or different. I must say that the second half revived the movie a little bit. Liked the end (may be because my wife was sitting next to me :P).

Acting, well I never liked Saif, here also he failed to impress. He according to me just moving with his luck and may crash land any time. Deepika was good, lookwise. But again she was never natural. Biggest disappointment was Neetu singh. The whole movie I was searching for her and she appeared in the last scene for 2 seconds? Rishi Kapoor was fabulous. He lifted the movie single handed. I think Bollywood is not doing justice to him.

All in all, love aaj kal is a no-brainer. I will suggest that better you watch it on TV, but for once. You will only feel that you can't watch it next time. 2.5/5